anywhere in time and space.


anywhere in time and space.

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What a shame, what a shame we all remain,

such  f r a g i l e  broken things.

A beauty half betrayed,

Butterflies with punctured wings.

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Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia.

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Can I just say, traveling with you… I love it.

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make me choose; gotzem asked:
beyoncé or arctic monkeys?


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Petyr Baelish sighed. “It was unseemly,” he agreed, “and I put an end to it. Lysa agreed to send him away. That was why she met him here, that day. I should have been with her, but I never dreamt… if I had not insisted… it was I who killed her.” No, Sansa thought, you mustn’t say that, you mustn’t tell them, you mustn’t. But Albar Royce was shaking his head. “No, my lord, you must not blame yourself,” he said.

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An Infinite List of Beautiful Collections -  Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall RTW 2014 (part 1)

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Ten/Rose AU: The Flat Across The Street


Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: AU; neighbours who see each other through their opposite-facing windows.
Rating: Teen. Fluff!
Wordcount: 3,200~

A/N: Inspired by an AU prompt from this post: “We live in halls opposite each other and I keep seeing you changing through your window.” As I was writing it I realised that something very similar happened in “Partners In Crime” with Donna :)


The first time it happened, Rose was attempting to get the jamb of her old, creaky, needs-to-be-replaced single-hung vertical-slider window to cooperate and allow the dratted thing to close properly. It was late October and starting to get cold in the evenings.

The sun had begun to set and Rose was trying to settle into a quiet night in front of the telly with chips and a glass of wine after a long day at work.

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nine & rose + scenery

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"He wanted to reach her, to break through the armor of her courtesy."

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It’s that time of the year


It’s that time of the year

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